Difference between port of discharge and port of delivery.
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Difference between port of discharge and port of delivery.


This is one of the common doubts among traders, the difference between port of delivery and port of discharge. Is there any difference between port of discharge and place of delivery? Is port of discharge and place of delivery same?


The column ‘Port of Discharge’ and ‘Place of Delivery’ is same in most of the Transport document. Are there any difference in Port of discharge and place of delivery?


The port of discharge and place of delivery is commonly mentioned in the bill of lading. The term Port of Discharge means, the Port in which the goods are discharged. However, if the port of delivery has been mentioned in the bill of lading, the responsibility to deliver goods at place mentioned in Bill of Lading is vested with the carrier of goods.

Difference between port of discharge and port of delivery copy


Port of discharge can be a destination sea port, where in Place of delivery be at an inland location away from port of discharge. If the carrier accepted goods from shipper to deliver at a port other than port of discharge, the cost of delivering cargo from port of discharges to the place mentioned to deliver cargo has to be met by the carrier of goods.


If the carrier accepts goods up to port of discharge only, the column ‘place of delivery’ or ‘port of delivery’ leave blank, which means the liability of carrier to deliver cargo is only up to port of discharge.  Also read - What is Dry Port?  


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Dane Says :
Thursday, May 23, 2013
Thanks for this article!
Difference Between Port Of Discharge and Delivery Says :
Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Port Of Discharge is the place where all goods have to drop in at least one time. But Port of delivery is different, All goods come to the Port Of Discharge then they are delivered to the Port Of Delivery. The difference is clear. All goods come to the Port Of Discharge and they are delivered to the Port Of Delivery points.
nitheesh kurup Says :
Friday, February 13, 2015
I am working in shipping company, when i gone through some shipments, got some doubts regarding Port Of Discharge & Place Of Delivery, the shipment was going to Aden port, Yemen. and i requested the liners to mention Aden port in both the places as Port of Discharge (Aden port- Yemen) / Place of Delivery (Aden Port- Yemen) but they refused to mention the same at place of delivery and they kept it blank. if the shipment is going to Aden port- Yemen, why can't they mention it in both the places, awaiting your valuable reply.
anil Says :
Thursday, February 19, 2015

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