SDF declaration form APPENDIX I
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The following information is extracted from Reserve Bank guidelines for your kind information:



The following system may be followed in case of SDF:

(i) The SDF should be submitted in duplicate (to be annexed to the relative shipping bill) to the Commissioner of Customs concerned.

(ii) After verifying and authenticating the declaration in SDF, the Commissioner of Customs will hand over to the exporter, one copy of the shipping bill marked ‘Exchange Control Copy’ to which form SDF has been appended for being submitted to the AD Category – I banks within 21 days from the date of export.

(iii) The AD Category – I banks should accept the Exchange Control (EC) copy of the shipping bill and SDF appended thereto, submitted by the exporter for collection/negotiation of shipping documents.

(iv) The manner of disposal of EC copy of Shipping Bill (and form SDF appended thereto) is the same as that for EDF/SDF forms. The duplicate copy of the form together with a copy of invoice etc. shall be retained by the AD Category – I banks and may not be submitted to the Reserve Bank.

(v) In cases where ECGC and private insurance companies regulated by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) initially settles the claims of exporters in respect of exports insured with them and subsequently receives the export proceeds from the buyer/buyer’s country through the efforts made by them, the share of exporters in the amount so received is disbursed through the bank which had handled the shipping documents. In such cases, ECGC and private insurance companies regulated by IRDA will issue a certificate to the bank, which had handled the relevant shipping documents after full proceeds have been received. The certificate will indicate the number of declaration form, name of the exporter, name of the AD Category – I banks, date of negotiation, bill number, invoice value and the amount actually received by ECGC and private insurance companies regulated by IRDA.


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Shipping Bill No. ___________________ Date :____________
Declaration under Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1973 :
1. I/We hereby declare that I/We am/are the *SELLER/CONSIGNOR of
the goods in respect of which this declaration is made and that the
particulars given in the Shipping Bill no ______________ dated
________________are true and that,
A)* The value as contracted with the buyer is same as the full export
value in the above shipping bills.
B)* The full export value of the goods are not ascertainable at the time
of export and that the value declared is that which I/We, having regard
to the prevailing market conditions, accept to receive on the sale of
goods in the overseas market.
2. I/We undertake that I/We will deliver to the bank named herein
_______________ the foreign exchange representing the full export
value of the goods on or before @ ___________________ in the
manner prescribed in Rule 9 of the Foreign Exchange Regulation Rules,
3. I/We further declares that I/We am/are resident in India and I/We
have place of Business in India.
4. I./We am/are Or am/are not in Caution list of the Reserve Bank of
Date : -
(Signature of Exporter)

Click below to download this form in pdf format:


Arif shaikh Says :
Wednesday, June 17, 2015
FERA is replaced by FEMA subject line should be changed

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